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We are here to HELP !

About us

Global Staffing Limited is a government licensed Employment Agency in Hong Kong and a member of Anlex Group.

We are based in Hong Kong and has been serving the Hong Kong market for 30 years.

We provide all-round human resource solutions to local and global employers and corporations.

Our aims

We are here to help!

The aims of our services are to help your company to solve human resources problems, to eliminate your hassles, and reduce your costs.

A clear quotation will be given to you before using our services and we guarantee there are no hidden costs.

Our History

Anlex Consultants was founded in 1993 to provide company services to overseas businessmen and investors . We help them to establish their businesses in Hong Kong.

We assist them to incorporate their companies, recruit local staff, handle payroll matters, and to apply for their work permits so that they can work and live in Hong Kong.

Gradually, human resource solutions become one of our core services and we formed Global Staffing Limited to provide comprehensive and professional human resource solutions in 2019.

Who should use our services?

Any company who would like to maintain an efficient and
cost-effective operation in Hong Kong should consider using our services.

Our clients include small local companies, micro multi-national companies, representative offices of MNC, and other companies that would like to outsource their
personnel matters.

Our Services

We accumulated 30 years of experience to develop your
“essential services”—
we know what you want, provide what you need, and nothing more except our expertise.


Find the best local candidates for you - just tell us your requirements and job duties, we will find the best talents for you.


We hire talents for you without a legal entity in Hong Kong. We put them on our compliant payroll, saving your time and cost. We maintain your employee records while you manage their work performance.


With our payroll services, we prepare standard compliant employment agreements for you. We set up Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Accounts for your company and staff. We can arrange employment compensation, source employment insurance providers, calculate payroll and deductions, and even pay the wages for you!

Visa Services

We help Talents, Professional and Entrepreneurs to obtain their visas to work, live and do business in Hong Kong. We can handle visas and permits under General Employment Policy (GEP), Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professional (ASMTP), Investment as Entrepreneurs, and Training. We also handle Extension of Stay, Change of Status, Dependent Visa, Verification of Permanent Residence and Hong Kong Identity Card.